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Drawing bills of cost is a problem for nearly all attorneys. Which tariffs apply when, which items to include, and how to deal with VAT changes on the bill can cause both confusion and delays in the drawing of bills. Attorneys and especially Costs Consultants often have to deal with files that are not in date sequence, and have been separated into numerous indexed sections which creates further delays with the drawing of a bill.

Legal Costs Wizard assists you to draw a bill from start to finish, as it allows the capture of information in whatever sequence whilst automatically sorting the items into the correct date order and applying the correct tariff to them.

Legal Costs Wizard reduces the capturing of all information required in the bill into six easy categories -Drawing, Perusing, Attending, Telephone, Copies and Disbursements – these then prompt you for the further details required to enable you to draw bills quickly and efficiently. You can effortlessly switch between categories at any stage whilst drawing your bill, as well as revisit categories to add, shift, or delete items prior to printing of your bill.


No codes to learn, no tariffs to remember, just complete the prompts in each selected category to complete your bill of costs.


Very easy to use, thereby improving your efficiency and allowing you to draw more bills faster with even greater accuracy, thereby increasing your revenue.


Legal Costs Wizard’s staff are available to assist you with the program, either by phone, email or text. There is also a helpful tutorial as well as a sample bill to further assist you.


Legal Costs Wizard understands how important your data is and makes sure it is protected.

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Legal Costs Wizard allows you to draw High Court Bills. The great news is that the Magistrate Bills of Cost module is scheduled to be launched soon.


Unlock savings of 10% and flexible payment options.

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Legal Costs WIzard understands how important your data is and makes sure it is protected. Legal Costs Wizard is a HTTPS secure site.

There is automatic incremental backup of all data to the cloud every hour and automatic full back of data once a month and then archived. You have access to your bills drawn at any time and get copies of bills should you need them.

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An attorney or Costs Consultant is allowed to charge 11% of the fee portion of the bill for drawing a High Court Bills of Cost as between party and party. Legal Costs Wizard charges only 1% of the fee portion, thereby allowing a saving of the balance being 10%.

Furthermore, you are not locked into a period contract with monthly subscription charges, as you only pay as and when you make use of the Legal Costs Wizard to draw and print your bill. Please view Legal and Terms and Conditions.

Payment is either made by credit card or immediately via EFT to Legal Costs Wizard once the bill has been completed and ready to be printed.

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